Projects of 2015

We will be posting our projects that we are working on here.  We will also update our projects to the projects page.  To give a run down of some of the current projects we will be doing this year.

  • Automated reloading press
  • ecommerce webpage
  • building ar’s
  • holster building
  • getting a shop to work out of

I think that will be the extent of our current 2015 projects.



Site Upgrades/Updates/News

We have made some updates to the site, new pages and some old ones removed.  We will start doing some reviews soon.  In the near future we will have an online store. We also will have an events page and a booking/reservations page for training classes that are open.

Things are moving along well for us.  We are looking at land in Covington, WA.  We are going to be building a Retail/Manufacturing/Training center.  Our goal is to have 5 shooting lanes 2 used for ammunition testing & prototype firearms testing.  Lanes will be 4 or 3 25 yard pistol/rifle and 1 100 yard rifle lane to allow us to test fire rifle ammunition and rifles, along with sighting in rifles. We would like to offer training classes on the weekends and possible during the week, nothing too big just small classes. We would also like to offer hunter safety classes/training. Right now this is all in the planning stage until we get the land and building. If everything works out we will be selling TSC Ammunition in our store & online store. I’m not sure if we will offer any kind of membership, maybe a punch card discount for gun cleaning and stuff like that. We will see.

Name Change

Since currently we will not be opening up our indoor shooting range, We will be Doing Business As….or DBA TSC Firearms or something along those lines, We will Still have the Tactical Shooting Center LLC title just a little change.  We will also get a new Domain name to show that as well.  Thanks for all of your support.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant 110V Progessive Press Case Feeder

Hard to Find Item Turn your progressive press into a bench-mounted ammo factory! This kit represents the ultimate reloading setup for maximum production in shorter sessions I’m including everything you need to start making 9mm ammo.  Comes with everything but the bullet feeder.  You will get the flowing

The Lock-N-Load® includes the following:

  • Lock-N-Load AP Press (with all its standard items)
  • Lock-N-Load AP Case Feeder (with small pistol case feed)
  • Spring Case Retainer 3 pack (x1)
  • Large Cartridge Catcher (x1)
  • Small Primer Tube Pickup (x3)
  • Pistol Metering Insert/Rotor (with Pistol Micro measuring insert)
  • Rifle metering insert/Rotor
  • Powder Cop Die
  • Case Activated Powder Drop (with 9mm expander & 45 acp expander)
  • Hornady 9mm shell plate
  • Hornady 9mm 3 die set
  • Hornady .223 2 die set with never used size/depriming die.
  • Maybe a Hornady 45acp Shell Plate(if I can find it)

Any questions feel free to ask.

I can not accept returns on this so please do your homework first.

*I have described everything about this item to the best of my ability*

I will ship ONLY to a confirmed address. P.O. Boxes are NOT accepted. Shipping only in the United States (48 contiguous states only). Shipping via seller’s choice (UPS or FEDEX) will be FREE. Item will ship within 2 days of receiving cleared payment, which excludes holidays and weekends.

Asking Price Call or Email

Thanks for looking and good luck


Site Design and Our business options

Our new site is coming along, when I have the time.  So right now we have 2 options.  One option is for us to attempt to raise the money it will cost to build and open up the shooting range.  The other option is to open up a gun building shop, with a retail store in the front.  Opening the gun building/retail ship will be a little cheaper, but not sure if it will be as fun as the shooting range.  The shooting range I could incorporate a small machine shop in the building design.  Its all going to depend on how much funding we will be able to accomplish.  Out funding campaign will be starting in the next few days on either Go Fund Me or Indigogo.


Hello everyone.  Just wanted to let everyone know that we have kicked off our raising capital via indigogo and go fund me.  Hopefully with the sport of the community and people that really want to see a state of the art shooting range built in maple valley.